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The Grain-free Recipes

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- Grain Free recipes are ideal for dogs with sensitivity to grains or gluten; a great alternative to rice or cereal-based products. They are also great value for a quality pet food with 50% meat content!

- Grain Free recipes may help to alleviate some symptoms of grain sensitivity or intolerance. Other potential benefits may be smaller poos (less to pick up!), reduced shedding & improved coat.

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The Naturals Range + Prebiotics

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- Our Naturals range offers a Super Premium dog food that contains fresh meat, natural prebiotics and Omega 3, Alfalfa (aids digestive tract) and Yucca extract to help reduce stool odour.

- Ideal for dogs with a delicate digestion, and helps maintain excellent body and coat condition.Highly digestible, less to clean up when you are walking the dog!

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VAT Free Recipes

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- If you have an active working dog breed such as a Border Collie, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Spaniel or some of the many breeds of terrier then you might want to take a look at this range, as it's VAT free!

- The recipes, including Grain-free, are exactly the same as our other ranges, just in plain packaging and offering you a good saving on the cost/kg of dog food.

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Super Premium Recipes

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- The Super Premium range offers a variety of tried and tested dog food recipes, from puppy/junior through to senior, all developed by pet nutritionists to ensure that your dog gets the very best.

- These are hypo-allergenic, designed to keep your pet in the very best of health, less prone to problems of itchy skin and delicate digestion that some can suffer from.


Check our  'Super Premium' recipes

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