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VAT free, natural and grain free dog food at best value prices

*** GOOD NEWS FOR DOGS! There are now 15 Grain Free recipes and a new 6kg bag size.
Why should I choose Grain Free for my dog?

grain free dog food

We offer a choice of 15 Grain Free Dog Food recipes, an option more and more owners are taking.

Grain Free recipes are ideal for dogs with sensitivity to grains or gluten; a great alternative to rice or cereal-based products.

Grain Free recipes may help to alleviate some symptoms of  grain sensitivity or intolerance. Other potential benefits may be smaller stools (less to pick up!), reduced shedding, improved skin and coat condition, breath odour, reduced wind and skin or digestive upsets.

Check our Grain Free recipes

Naturals Dog Food with Prebiotics

natural dog food Our Naturals range offers a Super Premium dog food that contains fresh meat, natural prebiotics and Omega 3, Alfalfa (aids digestive tract) and Yucca extract to help reduce stool odour.

- Hypoallergenic - ideal for dogs with a delicate digestion, and helps maintain excellent body and coat condition.Highly digestible so less to clean up when you are walking the dog!

- From puppy to senior, there's a healthy natural recipe to suit most dogs.

Check our  'Naturals' recipes

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